Hi! I'm Kelly, the Health Coach here at Peekskill Strength and I specialize in health coaching & nutrition counseling. My goal is to help you foster a healthy relationship with both food AND yourself! I completed a 12 month training through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, earning my title as Health Coach, and also have a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling, so I'm trained to cater to your needs through a holistic lens. Whether your goal is to lose weight, change body composition, or establish healthier habits, I can help create a nutrition plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle. 


My approach is highly individualized and rooted in intuitive eating, mindfulness, and self-compassion. While I can provide you with macro-coaching, our first goal will be to explore the root of your eating patterns and habits, so we can create a lifestyle that is sustainable for you without obsessing over numbers. Good nutrition is the foundation for health, and it’s essential we devote time to building a strong foundation that will help achieve your goals. I recognize that we live in a society that inundates us daily with messages about dieting, weight loss, and all of the things we “should” do. Together we will work to break the “should” way of thinking so you can create change while cultivating a healthy relationship with food, your body and health overall.