Hi, my name is Devin and I’m a coach at Peekskill Strength! I was introduced to CrossFit when I was in early high school, around 2013.  My dad and I took a trip up to Massachusetts to watch a CrossFit competition that spring, and we were immediately hooked.  The next spring, we noticed that a local gym was opening up, CrossFit Peekskill (now Peekskill Strength!).  After an intro class and a few months of training, we fell in love with the gym.  I was a member of the gym throughout highschool, and the summer after I graduated I decided to get certified to become a coach.

Fast Forward almost three years and I have learned a lot about myself as a coach and an athlete.  My personal goals are probably similar to most people looking to join a gyj,  Peekskill Strength is a place for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and improve myself daily.  The CrossFit training method has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally (exercise is the best form of stress relief ).  

However, my true love for CrossFit lies within coaching.  My goal as a coach is to make that short hour in the gym feel like the best part of someone’s day.  The best moments that I have experienced as a coach are all the firsts; first full pushup, first 400 meter run without stopping, even the first time jumping rope! I love being a part of someone’s fitness milestones - it’s proof that hard work and consistency really does pay off, in and out of the gym.