I was introduced to CrossFit when I was in early high school, around 2013.  My dad and I took a trip up to the Reebok Headquarters in Massachusetts for the Northeast CrossFit regional that spring, and we were immediately hooked on the sport.  The next spring, we noticed that a local gym was opening up.  We reached out to the owners online and decided to come in for an intro class.  Over the next few months, we fell in love with the gym, the community, and prioritizing our health and fitness.  I went to the gym throughout high school, while also competing on my high school swim team.  The summer after I graduated, I decided to get my Certification so I could pursue something that I was passionate about, helping people have the same amazing experience with CrossFit that I had.  After a few months of shadowing and learning how to coach, I started training people in January of 2018, at the same gym that I started my fitness journey, Peekskill Strength. In addition to coaching, I am a full time student at Pace University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Math, and I work as a Certified Lifeguard during the summers.