Tracking Habits

Mar 27, 2019

I think that when people begin their fitness journey they expect an immediate transition. I’m not talking about your body though, more so a shift in your mind.
We see so many stories of how CrossFit suddenly took a couch potato to this high level athlete with abs… so people start CrossFit expecting to wake up one day with this insane motivation and desire to eat better and workout consistently. Or maybe they do feel this way at first and slowly but surely it fades.
If you fall in to one of these categories you may have to look a little bit deeper: Your habits and your discipline. I wish that I could give you a magic pill for motivation, but I can’t. There are some people who just aren’t motivated to wake up at 5am and workout. And thats ok! The difference is going to be looking deeper in to yourself to figure out what habits you have that are getting in the way and if you need to exercise more discipline… Thankfully the two go hand in hand.  For instance if you are someone whose habit is to snooze their alarm clock or watch tv as soon as you get home from work and you are not motivated to change this, you are going to have to learn to push through being uncomfortable.
What I have found helps is writing these things down. Write down what your weaknesses and bad habits are and a list of realistic goals next to it. Be aware and honest about how you’re going to feel when the temptation to sleep in or binge watch Netflix comes in to play, and have an action plan for how to push through. Whether that’s setting an alarm away from your bed or canceling your cable for a month, there are always things that you can do to make changes. Breaking habits that we have had for years is hard work, but it is possible even if you don’t really want to. An action plan is a great way to start.
Coach Chloe