How I Started CrossFit

Jul 29, 2019


CrossFit is something everyone should try. I say that because it has so much meaning, on many different levels. Walking into a new gym, or any gym for that matter, and trying something totally foreign for the first time is quite honestly the hardest part. I for one know that first hand. Before stepping into CrossFit I had been working out consistently for a number of years at typical franchise gyms. I had put a lot of time into my fitness but saw little improvement, fell into the same routines, and was stuck with headphones in my ears for the duration of each workout. I knew it was time to try CrossFit. There was a gym near my house and I had even watched it in tv, but how does one just start something like this for the first time? That was the biggest hurdle for me. My anxiety, mostly social in this regard, had held me back for quite some time but one day I finally made the leap. It was so worth it, and much more. I remember my first CrossFit workout, deadlifts and pull-ups, it was not only a great workout but it was fun, challenging and stimulating all at the same time. So much has happened since that very first day. I have grown not just as an athlete but as a person as well. After about 7 years I am as fit as I have ever been and I am the individual I want to be. I can do things physically that I never imagined. CrossFit has helped to forge emotional growth from within me all while pointing me in the direction of new relationships and experiences that I would not have found otherwise. The one thing I tell everyone who is thinking of starting CrossFit, “Just try it.” Once you do, it will be completely worth it on so many levels.